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Become an Advocate

Eye Mission of the Pacific depends on two important things. One is our volunteers who provide their talent, skills, and time to treat those who are in need. The second thing we depend on are the donations we receive to pay for our basic needs. These include important things like supplies, shipping, and banking.

Please consider becoming an Advocate for Eye Mission of the Pacific. There are several ways, including:

  1. Become a volunteer on one of our missions. Once the mission is complete, you will be an Advocate for the next year.
  2. Become a sustaining donor of at least $50 per month or choose to make a one-time donation of $600 or more annually.
  3. Choose to make both a one-time donation and to become a sustaining donor annually.

What Does Being an Advocate Mean for You?

Being an Advocate of Eye Mission of the Pacific is an excellent way to contribute to the fight against vision loss. In so many countries around the world, eye healthcare is not automatically provided. What we take for granted here can be very difficult to attain in other parts of the world.

In addition, (with your permission) we will list your name and recognize you as an Advocate on our Eye Mission of the Pacific website, as well as on our email newsletter. As a final token of our thanks, we will provide you with a letter of acknowledgment of your status as an Advocate.

Donations to Eye Mission of the Pacific are deductible under Section 501(c)3. Donors can deduct contributions under IRC Section 170.

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