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Monthly Pearl

Turn your waiting room into a reception lounge. Do you know anyone who likes to sit shoulder to shoulder in rows unless there are in a movie theater? At the very least, have a stylish friend come arrange the seating so it’s grouped, not in rows, maybe add a coffee table, soften it up. Fresh flowers? Nice!

6/9/17 When a patient calls and says, “the doctor said to call if I have a question”.
What do you do?

A: Tell them ok and put them on hold until they finally drop off. And send them to voicemail if they call back.
B. Tell them the doctor can’t come to the phone and offer to take a message.
C. Tell them the doctor is in the middle of an exam, but , “could I go ask him the question for you?”

Remember that many times the doctor tells the patient to call. And they won’t be happy if they were told to call and can’t speak to her. And interrupting during a busy clinic doesn’t make sense either. But choosing answer C can be a good way to handle the call. Many times, you can make that statement and go quickly ask the doctor. But also, with many calls, you can come back and give an answer based on policy, or what is in the patient notes. “The doctor would like you to …….”. Medical care is becoming more and more impersonal in many situations. Make sure your patients know your office cares.