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FAQs-Career Exchange

What information should I include in my “Brief Summary”?

This is the information that will populate the list of positions and opportunities so do your best to attract attention.  You want viewers to click on your statement to see the full posting with all the details.

What can I do if I don’t want to disclose my identity?

In the Reply to box we suggest you tell the reader your need to be discreet about your search for a new position.  Inform the reader you are using a nickname for the initial contact. If you would like, you could do the same for your general or specific location.

What should I use for a name and email if I want to be discreet?

Pick a nickname and then create a new email account using this nickname.  For example.

If your nickname is Princess Fiona then create an email account using the same name i.e.,
PrincessFiona@gmail.com.  Be sure to capture the email first so you know the name is a valid
user name in the email resource of your choice.

Does it cost anything to list my information in the Career Exchange?

This service is being provided to our members at no additional cost.  It is one of the features of your membership in the Eye Physician Network.

What action should I take if a Recruiter calls me about the information I’ve posted on Eye Physician Network?

EPN is a way for candidates and practices to connect with each other.  We are not recruiters.  We hope we are offering an additional resource for finding talent and opportunities.

If you are a Practice looking for talent and you have discussed this position with a recruiter, review your association with them prior to posting your job.  You may be obligated to continue working with the recruiter unless you formerly agree to discontinue your working relationship.

If you are a job applicant and you have previously discussed an opportunity with a recruiter prior to seeing it posted here, you should review the details of your relationship to determine you are free to apply for opportunities listed here.

We do not provide information to recruiters.  We do realize though that information on your posting could be shared by a member and find its way to a recruiting firm. You are under no obligation to engage with a recruiter if they contact you.

What do I do if I need to update my posting?

You can go in and edit your posting.  You will be asked to enter your user name and password to make changes.  Be sure to update your posting date so visibility will start over.

How long will my information be posted? 

Your information will be visible for 30 days from the posting date.  You can go into your posting and update the date and reset for another 30 days.