New Hire Onboarding Checklist - Eye Mission of the Pacific

New Hire Onboarding Checklist

This is a suggested list of items to cover with an individual or a group if more than one new hire is starting the same day. You will add and subtract to this list depending on your particular organization. It is recommended that Monday be used as a start date.

Initial Questions

Do you have questions on anything in your New Hire Packet at this time?
Did you make copies for yourself of forms that you will turn in, or would you like copies?
Employee Handbook

Information about the environment you will work in.

Parking, Kitchens/Break Room, Posters/Worker’s Comp, Referral, etc.
Location Specifics: Local Cafés, any amenities or facilities available i.e., Fitness Center)


Systems Security Information
Emails requirements
IT, who will set you up with computer access
Facilities Items, if any

Initial Documents in the New Hire Packet

Emergency Contact Info
I-9 -Employment Eligibility Verification (with supporting docs – photocopy?)
Forms Collection – for Personnel file
Employee Handbook Acknowledgement, if applicable
Former Employer Contract, if applicable
EEO Data Form
Employment Agreement, if applicable
Written Final Offer Letter
Acknowledgement of Privacy Policy, if applicable
Acknowledgement of HIPPA requirements
Benefit Information and Forms

Documents for Accounting/Payroll

Payroll Status/Change Form
Form W-4
Other Compensation Agreements if applicable
Variable Compensation Summary if applicable, should accompany offer letter
Employee Direct Deposit Enrollment Form. Tape check to form – don’t staple
Overtime Policy Acknowledgement, if relevant
Meals & Rest Periods Policy Acknowledgement, if relevant
Organization Information
Employee Roster and Org. Chart, Who’s Who
Pay Date and Holiday Schedule
Time-off Request & Approval Form
Benefits Helpful Hints

New Hire Action Items

Compliance Reading, if applicable
Acknowledgement of Required Reading (list Items)

New Hire Announcements:

Building Owner Announcements, if applicable

If you smoke, check for designated smoking areas for your building
Parking Requirements

Employee Referral Program, if applicable
Do you speak a foreign language?