Ruth Lundstrom, M.S. - Eye Mission of the Pacific

Ruth Lundstrom, M.S.

Ruth Lundstrom, MS

Ruth Lundstrom is originally from Los Angeles, California. She attended the University of Southern California for both undergraduate and graduate school degrees. 

As a physical therapist, Ms. Lundstrom developed and directed the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center in Long Beach, California. 

Her corporate experience is extensive with over 25 years in the healthcare sector. She has held positions of General Manager, Vice President and President for companies including Viasys Healthcare, CareFusion/Becton Dickinson and Vyaire Medical. 

In her most recent role, Ms. Lundstrom was responsible for global operations and global research and development for ventilation and critical care products. 

Her global responsibilities provided travel experience to many developing countries and exposure to their unique healthcare environments. This experience has provided a valuable understanding of the need to support and offer best practice medical care and technologies for those in need.

Eye Mission of the Pacific is pleased to add Ruth Lundstrom to its board of directors. We welcome her extensive medical and business experience.