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Search Engine Optimization

If your practice isn’t being found on Google, you’re not being found. Now you may be wondering, how does my practice get onto Google? It’s not magic, but search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is how websites rank. When you look at Google for any task, like finding a dog walker, or trying the newest restaurant, you are looking at where websites are on Google.

The closer to the top you are on Google, the better. Except there’s a whole lot more to it besides that. You also need your practice to be showing up number one in the map packs, and hopefully, your website is ranking in at least the top 3 spots! Confused? You need an expert to handle your SEO because you aren’t a digital marketer. Whatever your role at the practice may be, you shouldn’t be doing your own SEO! Check out one of our partners, Glacial Multimedia, for all of your digital marketing needs.