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Why Doctors Need Their Own Website

The Practice Website

As a doctor or practice admin, you probably don’t have a lot of time to devote to your practice’s website. But like we mentioned above, patients are checking everything before they make appointments. One crucial thing that needs to be modern is your practice’s website. 10 years ago, it was enough to have a splash page with your address and the practice phone number.

It was maybe 5 pages and it looked like it came out of 1993. You may have been ahead of the curve with that site in 2001, but if you still have it, you need a new one, and fast! Not only is your old website not aesthetically pleasing, but it also does not run well on devices other than a desktop computer.

Almost half of all traffic is performed on a mobile phone now. This means that most, if not all, of your patients, are trying to access your clunky old website on their smartphone. If your site is not designed to be responsive, meaning it works seamlessly on all devices, you’re in big trouble. A website is an investment that says you care about your practice and your patients.

Where’s Yours?

Clearly the practice you work for needs their own website, right? There’s nothing more important than being found online, and it’s where you work. Here’s the thing: it’s where you work now. Five or ten years from now, you might not work at the same practice.

Maybe you want to move cross-country and try something new, or you get a job offer that you just can’t refuse! Whatever the reason, you need a personal website as well. It doesn’t have to be much but make sure you follow the basics:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Contact form
  • Bio
  • CV if applicable

Look, we get it. Everyone hopes they will work at the same practice for the next twenty years. But unless you own the practice and don’t plan on leaving, this is not realistic. Buy your domain and launch your website! You are your own brand, so make sure you make yourself look awesome!